February 11, 2013

Ten Fun Facts

Did you know?!

1. The number one pollutant in NYC's air is glitter?

2. That you are as tall in height as you are finger tip to finger tip?

3. That cats curl their tongues under when they drink to scoop up the water, not upward?

4. That your face is not symmetrical? 
(Just look at Lyle Lovett if you don't believe me).

5. That cows play?!

6. That a person is judged in the first 7 seconds of being met?

7. That tiger's skin is striped, as well as their coats?

8. That the clocks in Pulp Fiction are all stuck on 4:20?

9. That human babies can only see the distance from the breast to the eyes of their mothers in the first few weeks of life?

10. That most adult female Hollywood stars should still be using booster seats if they adhered to the booster/car seat guidelines? 

*Disclaimer: I'm not an expert.

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