January 16, 2013



I love the flavor of Starbuck's Chai Latte, but on mornings like this (snowy, cold, with child), I would rather drink toilet water than dress myself and Elias, and schlep myself downtown to the Starbuck's on Main.
Luckily, I found that Starbuck's sells their Chai in these perfect little recyclable containers. 

Since I don't have an espresso machine, I use my percolator to make super strong coffee; then I mix half coffee, half chai with a splash of 2%...ahhhh. Now I can relax with my little man in front of the fire, and spend this cold morning inside looking out.

Oh! Also, the mug is a Matt Burton design I bought after I took a ceramic workshop from him up at Peter's Valley a few years back. Matt makes incredible, fun stuff, and is actually teaching another workshop up there this coming summer. I would love to take another one of his workshops, and if you are interested, I suggest registering earlier rather than later as they book fast.

Check out his gallery/website, as well as the website for Peter's Valley below:


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