December 29, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Ya, I know, I is now the trend to NOT make resolutions...
But come on, have we really gotten that lazy?
We can't even muster up the energy to lie to ourselves anymore?!
Well, I'm still a fan of learning defeat, so here it goes; my top ten resolutions:

1. To start searching for my prom dress. Elias will be 17 before I know it.
2. To eat more green, less white.
3. To redefine "exercise" as "playtime."
4. To try a new recipe at least once a week, and open myself to new cuisines, techniques and food combinations...and to de-bone/fillet a fish somewhere in that process... (stay tuned as I am also going to attempt to add this adventure into the blog)...
5. To stop lying to myself and really clean out my closet...honestly, am I ever going to wear that shit again?!
6. To take as many baths and naps with Elias as possible before it is considered inappropriate.
7. To do one thing a day for myself; read, paint, draw, create, stretch, exercise, nap...
8. To plant a flower garden
9. To ween myself off of my magazine/newspaper addiction. Honestly Karra, when was the last time you read any of those 'New Yorkers', cover to cover? Get real.
10. To continue to make my family and true friends my priority; to laugh with them, to cry with them, to love them and to foster our relationships from a new place. To make every day, every week, every month brighter than last.

Happy New Year's Everyone!
I hope this new year finds us, and our loved ones, all happier and healthier!
See you in January!
Cheers, k

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