December 15, 2012

Dirty Chai Drinking Yogi

Started the day off with an hour and a half of hot yoga at Lehigh Valley Yoga. It has been since August that I truly pulled out my mat, and I now have a renewed sense of calm. If any of you live close to this studio I highly recommend this class; They crank up the heat, but the instructors aren't as 'mean' as the Bikram instructors I have encountered. They push you, but they don't yell at you and make you feel inadequate. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, badass, Bikram class, but this studio offers a nice alternative. I always leave feeling like I can conquer the world.
Check out this link if you're intrigued:

Directly after my class I headed to the nearest coffee house to fill my belly with caffeine. I have always been a black coffee drinker; luke warm or cold, never hot.
People who ordered elaborate drinks annoyed the shit out of me.
Until today. I asked the barista if it was possible to get a non-fat Chai with two shots of espresso, luke warm...Well this turned into what she has informed me is called a "Double Dirty Skinny Chai Latte done Child's temp." I guess I am living proof that people can, in fact, change...and be crazy coffee drinking fools...I might, however, only order this if somebody is not behind me in line to save face...
Happy Saturdady Everyone!

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