November 19, 2012

Our Bench

Where we sit... 

What we see.... 

Ahhh! This weather is absolutely perfect. I hate bathing suits, and I hate snow, so Autumn is the perfect time of year for me. Last weekend I hiked to the top field with a good friend to take in the view. It had been over four years since I had done the short hike, and I realized that a large tree had grown right in front of the bench my husband had put there years before. Regardless, I re-realized how beautiful it is up there. Since last weekend I have been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and every free moment to take the hike. This is our view...taken a little left of the giant tree. Today I have made a date with my son to make the hike. Tomorrow maybe I'll get Todd up there to chop down that view-blocker. Just in time for Christmas! ho ho ho!

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