October 27, 2012

fetch, v.t; fetched, pt, pp.; fetching
1. to go after and bring back
2. to derive
3. to recall; to revive
4. to reach; to attain orcome to; to arrive at
5. to attract or charm; to captivate or fascinate
6. to deliver or deal

fetching, a. attractive, pretty; charming

fun, n.
1. lively, gay play or playfulness; merriment; amusement; sport; recreation; joking
2. a source or cause of amusement or merriment, as an amusing person or thing; as 'she is good fun.'
3. a. intended for, or giving, pleasure or amusement; as, a fun gift

- Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 1983

ex. Let us go and fetch some fetching fun!


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