February 27, 2014

Stop Wining

Dare I say that I am wined out!?

I think I have finally done it!
No...never mind...not yet....

We attended our second wine tasting of the week last night and I am still full to the rim.

Holy food.
Holy wine.

As usual, Cale did an amazing job with his cheffing and wine pairing.

It was just so. much. food!

I wish I could have taken a to-go container without feeling like a total sow...

A Parting Gift!
Thank you Becks!

The End

If you ever get a chance to make the drive to Nazareth, PA, Beck's is the place to go.
Chef Cale does an amazing job on a regular basis, but he is truly able to show off his creativity and skills at these wine pairing dinners.
The sommelier is a total character 
(he swings a butter knife around like a sword when he is doing his presentations), 
but he is knowledgeable, tells a lot of great histories, and pours a heavy glass.

We will return again and again!
Thank you for another great dining experience Beck's!

Now I must juice for the next month.....

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