October 16, 2013


I recently went to the book store to paw through some new releases, and stumbled across a great new cookbook that just came out in September.

"The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings"

I have seen their quarterly magazine in random gift shops and book stores, and always wanted to pick up a copy, but never wanted to commit to a 20 dollar price tag.

Well, after getting this cookbook I may have to reconsider. 
It is beautiful. 
I want to break bread and drink wine with these people.

Give it a gander. 
You will understand.


I love it.
This is my new coffee table book.

Not to mention, they have a great website with simple but clever entertaining ideas, images of a life you can only dream of, events you want to go to, stories you want to read...
Simple. Clean. Inviting.

Who wants to go a Kinfolk dinner with me!?
I'll drive!

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