February 5, 2013

Three Great Winter Remedies

Oh winter, how I loathe thee...
Chapped lips...Cracked skin...Dry cuticles and hangnails...

Well, two of my great friends told me of this home remedy for all of the above:
If you put this stinky stuff from the blue bin on your hangnail, it will be healed by morning! 

Another fantastic "remedy?!"
Eye drops in the refrigerator.
After a day of skiing, snowshoeing or playing outside not much feels better than cold eye drops. 

My third favorite winter remedy?! 
Vaseline up the nose.
The dry air in our home never fails to dry out my sniffer at night.
What helps, besides sleeping on top of a humidifier?! 
Put a little Vaseline around the rim of your nose, and you will wake up with a happy snout!
This one came from my sister. I thought it was weird, but it really works!

Happy Winter Everyone!
*Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor*

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