January 13, 2013


 Party Party Party!
Here is a picture gallery of E's Third "Build a Library" Birthday Party this weekend. 
We love you little man!
Welcome Bears!
Detail of the Invitations
Felt Mantel Banner. I love you Target.
Three Baby!
Window Book Shelves

Book Banners. Bad Photo.
Book Themed Menu Cards
"Hansel and Gretel" Breads, Pastries and Bagels

"Alice and Wonderland" Tea Party (and coffee...and hot chocolate...and "book worms," the snack of choice for those under 7:)

"Where the Wild Things Are" Birthday Party Hats

Menu Detail Shot #1
Menu Detail Shot #2

Book Plate Party Favors
Wrapped Book Plate Party Favors

Detail Shot of Girl Favors
Detail Shot of Boy Favors
"Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese and Candy Rocks

This was such a fun party to put together, and for us i
t was a great alternative after the holidays and an over-abundance of toys.Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all of the food and decorations, but you get the idea...Martha Stewart would be so disappointed...
If anyone wants to borrow any of the signs, banners or decorations shoot me a message, as I'd be glad to lend them out.
 We are a lucky bunch, and although Elias is young, I can't help but try to instill the importance of books and giving back to those less fortunate. Today we will be decorating the donation card to St. Jude Children's research hospital, and tomorrow Elias will send it out. He probably won't remember, but maybe we'll make it a yearly thing?!
Stay tuned!

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