December 13, 2012

Birthday Brainstorm

"Cute As Buttons"
1st Birthday Centerpieces 



Even with all of the holiday craziness, I have been thinking about Elias' Birthday coming up in a month. I know, I am obsessed with this kid....Regardless, I found these images from his first birthday and wanted to share them with you. These were the centerpieces for his "Cute as a Button" themed party, and I love the way they almost have personalities. Any suggestions on what this year's theme should be?!
ps. The 'buttons' are from Martha Stewart's craft line at 'Michaels,' and are made out of thick cardstock with a sticky back. I curled the wire and then adhered the bottons together at the top of the wire. They popped apart shortly after the meal, so if you are making them ahead of time, I would suggest using hot glue to adhere them together...unless you want to find a bunch of semi-sticky buttons all over your house...

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