November 21, 2012

Affordable Therapy

Affordable Therapy
Like most people these days I very rarely take time for myself, but yesterday I unplugged for a bit. I turned off my computer. I ignored my telephone. I didn't look at the elliptical machine. I even turned off the television (I'm sorry Matty). I did, however, turn on the soundtrack to 'Parenthood,' because I don't think of listening to music as being plugged in...I make my own rules.
I actually took thirty minutes to sit down, drink my coffee, and color while Elias napped. Ahhh!
I used to recommend this to my students and colleagues who were stressed, overwhelmed or upset, and it is truly relaxing.

You can pick up these coloring books at any craft or Art supply store; yesterday I saw some beautiful ones at Barnes and Noble. Also, I recommend getting a decent set of colored pencils and/or markers (think beyond Crayola). Try it! Take some time for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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